May 19th, 2017

Site Visits: Tableau and zulily

Last Friday, May 12th, our members got an opportunity to learn from and network with senior professionals at both Tableau Software and zulily headquarters in Seattle.

The visit to Tableau Headquarters included a presentation on enabling the power of data visualization in today’s businesses, and how one might leverage Tableau to better make strategic and operational decisions. We also had the opportunity to tour the office and engage in a panel discussion with senior financial and human resources managers to gain insights about starting careers in data analytics. It was very interesting that most of the employees we spoke with were customers at some point before joining the company! Tableau graciously provided an industry-leading perspective on the development of data visualization and business analytics.

At zulily, we learned about the unique supply chain management and business analytics involved in e-commerce businesses. In particular, zulily’s product procurement system differed from other ecommerce businesses. With most e-commerce businesses, product is purchased in bulk and sent as its purchased; however, with zulily’s flash-sale system, product could only be purchased after orders are made to ensure money isn’t overzealously lost. We had a very unique and insightful conversation on the advantages and disadvantages of that system with the staff that’s directly responsible of zulily’s predictive analysis.

BOTA is extremely grateful to both Tableau Software and zulily for hosting our organization and advising our members on their dream careers. The insight gained from our visits will surely prove useful in our career pursuits, and we hope to visit again in the future.

March 5th, 2017

To cap off our term dedicated to exploring technology in the business world, we visited Nike, eBay, and Cloudability.

At each company, we received an office tour, fielded questions with senior employees, and made lasting connections with professionals of various industries. Our visit was perfectly spread to cover a wide variety of environments. We saw the inner-workings of Nike – one of the largest companies on the planet – but we also got to speak with senior employees and executives at eBay’s mobile development office and a rapidly expanding start-up, Cloudability. The overarching theme for each company is there was a product or service that needed to be delivered. We got to speak with the person behind each company’s supply chain management as they advertised working opportunities and gave relevant career advice. One aspect of BOTA’s mission statement is to prepare its members for the working world. We believe that getting a unique perspective on these companies, and speaking with pivotal members of each organization, provides the exact type of passionate injection that students need to make a successful “working world” transition.

You won’t want to miss out on our exciting adventure next term!

We’re currently planning a similar trip to Seattle – exploring professional, operational management standards around one of the most rapidly expanding business arenas in the United States. We’ll see you in Lillis 255 on Wednesday, April 12th for our next meeting.

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